Burlap Lamp Shade

For my daughter’s nursery I am doing a lot of DIY projects. I had an old lamp that I had bought at Target that was the perfect size for her room. The Nursery theme is a French Nest so in keeping with that theme I created a nice French themed burlap lamp shade. It was extremely cheap and easy to make and it brings some nice texture to the room.


I first began by spray painting the base of the lamp it was originally black and I spray painted it white. I theme took a dryer sheet and a wipey and cleaned the lamp shade to ensure that the glue would stick to it.


All you need is a hot glue gun, some burlap, ribbon, and if you would like to adorn the lamp shade with any ornamentation like little flowers or crystals.


I purchased this roll at Hobby Lobby while it was 50% off so I only paid five dollars for it ;0 The most important thing about applying it to the lamp shade that I found was that I had to pleat it in order for it to lay nicely. I purchased the burlap that has wire in it so that it was easier to make the pleats.


I would glue the burlap to the shade at the pleats so that it would hang nicely. Next I took a different color of burlap and I cut out some flower shapes and pinned them together just to give the lamp shade some character.


Here is the finished product, it took me about twenty minutes and I spent about $12.00



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