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Fancy Boxed Cake Mix


Lets face it sometimes we are too busy to make everything from scratch and sometimes we have to go for the quick fixes like boxed cake and pre-made frosting, but that doesn’t mean that we still can’t be fancy doing it! Plus real cake frosting can be very really tricky to get to the perfect consistency. So I have come up with this cake recipe through much trial and error from both boxed and home made recipes. It is something that you can use if you are short on time or cash. I bought Duncan Hines Red Velvet Cake mix and Betty Crocker Cream Cheese Frosting for $3.38 and then added extra’s to make a delicious (F-aaancy) treat!


1 Boxed Cake Mix of your choice

3 Large eggs (I prefer farm fresh brown eggs)

1 1/4 cups Whole or Buttermilk

1/3 Cups melted unsalted cooking butter

1/2 Block Cream Cheese

1/2 Stick Cold Unsalted Cooking Butter

Start by preheating the oven to 350 degrees and greasing your pan or if making cupcakes line pan with liners and I like to spray a little cooking spray in the paper liner so they pop out easily. Then pour your cake mix into a bowl and this step might seem self explanatory to most but it took me many years of baking to figure this out. Use a fork or your electric mixer to mix the dry cake mix to break up any clumps it will make your cakes so much smoother. Next add in the milk, eggs, and melted butter and I like to mix the batter for about 5 minutes on a high speed it makes for a really nice whipped batter that yields extremely fluffy cake!


Next pour your batter into your greased pan or cake liners, I use an ice cream scoop to make sure that I all my cupcakes are consistent. Place cake or cupcakes in the oven and bake based on the times on the box usually 30 minutes for a cake and 20 minutes for cupcakes.

At this time you should pour all of your frosting into a mixing bowl and add the cream cheese and butter. Whip the frosting until all the cream cheese and butter are mixed in and a nice consistent whipped texture has formed. Then place the frosting in the refrigerator to allow it to chill.


Once the cake is done take it out and allow it to cool completely then frost with chilled frosting and enjoy your fancy cakes!