Beauty Sample Boxes

Birchbox: Beauty Sample Boxes are they worth it?

So I just became aware of this amazing service of beauty sample boxes ( I know I’ve been living under a rock apparently) I found out about Birchbox through a friend and then got so wrapped up in the excitement that I also signed up for Ipsy formally know as Glam bag. I want to try both of the services and see which one I like better and if they are really worth it.


I haven’t gotten anything from Ipsy yet so I can not compare but I definitely will post when I do. I received my Birchbox yesterday and I was so excited. For those of you who don’t know how the service works let me explain. Birchbox is a service that sends you about four or five hand picked beauty samples every month.

With Birchbox you can become a subscriber one of two ways. You can request an invite which can take up to two weeks or you can be invited by a friend which gets you in right away ūüėČ I was fortunate enough to have an invite from a friend so I didn’t have to wait. If any of you would like to skip the wait but don’t know anyone to invite you in you can use my link¬†From there you choose if you want to dedicate to the service for a full year or if you just want to try it monthly. It’s only $10 and you can cancel at anytime. I opted for the monthly subscription just because I didn’t know what to expect. Once you figure which one works best you fill out a beauty survey so that the samples will be tailored to your needs, hair type, eye color etc After that you wait with anticipation for your box to come!

So what’s in the box?


In my first box I received five samples. Below is my review of each of them.
1. Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Shampoo: Let me start off by saying that the samples are travel sized which is great cause it gives people the opportunity to really see if they like the product instead of those one time packet samples. The full size bottle retails for $19.99 but I’m unclear on what size the bottle is. I have only used the shampoo once and I would not conclude that my hair is shiner, but the shampoo smells amazing. It has a really soft organic floral scent. It is also something that both a male and a female could enjoy. I would also like to point out that they give you¬†a travel size sample not the little annoying packets that you need a chainsaw¬†to open ( It always annoyed me so much when I would get a shampoo¬†or body wash sample and I had to literally get out of the shower sopping wet to go grab scissors to open the dang thing)

2.Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Conditioner: This conditioner smells just as amazing as the shampoo and claims to have a slow releasing olive oil formula that gives you added shine, once again I¬†do¬†not¬†feel that my hair is “shinier” but¬†I wouldn’t say that I don’t like the¬†product either. Its a great shampoo and conditioner that cleans your hair and leaves it smelling great Id say that’s a win for everyone.

3. Inika Mineral eye shadow in Eternal Marine: Now this is my own doing that I received such a creative colored eye shadow because I told Birchbox to mix it up when it came to beauty products. The eye shadow itself is really cool its a mineral wear that is made from certified organic ingredients. Is it a color that I would wear…probably not. Is it a good size for me to play around with it…absolutely it would be a large enough size for me if I liked the color and wanted to wear it regularly.

4. Nail Rock Glitter Nail Polish: This was the COOLEST product in the box because it was a full sized product. It is a new trend from the UK (which I thought was super cool that I was getting in on an international trend way before the curve, something I never can seen to do) Basically what it is, is a full sized bottle of nail polish and a glitter pod. You paint your nails with the polish and immediately dip them into the glitter pod. I was skeptical at first like oh yes this is going to create a glitter mess but after I did it I now know why they call it Nail Rock, because the glitter gets really hard and your nails are textured with glitter but hard as rocks. The effect is awesome but it doesn’t last all week especially if you have children or wash your hands a lot. However the bottle costs $6.99 normally and I got it and all my other samples for only $10.00.


5. Reviver Dry deodorant wipe: This sample is really cool it is a reusable wipe that you use to deodorize clothing, upholstery, your hair, anything else stinky!¬†So if you are traveling in the car for a road trip and want to whisk¬†away the scent of all your fast food runs ¬†you simply take the wipe and run it along your clothes and then pop it in the laundry. Is it something that I would of bought on my own? No. Is it something that I would consider buying now that I’ve tried it? Yes! Its super cool.

So the verdict, are Birchbox subscriptions really worth it? ABSOLUTELY! For only $10.00 a month I had so much fun tracking my package, opening it and playing with all my little treats. It really is a nice little thing that both woman and men can do for themselves for a really low cost. I haven’t received my Ipsy Glam Bag yet but I will mid February along with another Birchbox where I will then compare them along side each other. Once again if anyone wants to skip the wait and get a Birchbox subscription right away here is my invite link