Christmas ornament

Decorative Burlap Decor

Right now glass apothecary jars are extremely popular so I knew that I wanted to incorporate one into my daughter’s nursery design. Since I am going for a French Nest theme twine and burlap feel appropriate for decorative elements. I knew that I wanted to fill the jar with some sort of twine element so I decided to make some decorative burlap twine balls.


The entire process is so easy and cost effective that you could use these for all sorts of different decorative elements all over the house. I am even considering making some into Christmas ornaments.


All you need is some burlap, garden pins, twine, and some foam balls. You just simply wrap the burlap around the foam and pin it where you feel it needs it, there really is no rhyme or reason to it. Then at the end you wrap it loosely with twine!