Nursery Inspiration

How to turn a chair into a glider/rocker

For my daughters nursery I knew that I wanted a glider. It needed to be stylish, comfy, and easy to clean so I was leaning towards something slip covered. However the price of one was really standing in my way of making that dream a reality. Especially because the one that I was absolutely drooling over a Pottery Barn glider. So after months of looking around for a better deal or a used one I finally settled on the Ektorp Chair from Ikea. It was affordable, comfortable, slip covered and everything except the cover was made in the good old USA (I am passionate about buying things made in America) The only problem was that it was not a glider!


So with a little research I found a company that sells chair parts for reasonable prices.

We decided to just buy a base that swivels and rocks instead of the full glider but they do sell glider parts as well. Or if you want to be really thrifty you can find a glider chair for sale on craigslist or bookcoo and just use the part. We started by taking the legs off and screwing a 1/2 thick piece of wood to the chairs bottom. We then just simply attached the glider to this piece of wood, it was one of the easiest projects I have ever made my husband do lol



The final product is a beautiful Pottery Barn look a like slip covered rocker that I am absolutely in love with! The nice thing is if I ever want to turn it back into a chair I can do so very easily!  Image

*UPDATE* I received a comment a few days ago asking the exact chair part that I purchased for the chair I am posting¬†a link to the parts page for anyone that is curious. I bought the item #154 it is $79.95 and it fits the Ektorp oversized chair perfectly. Now I want to clarify that this part does not make the chair glide like a rocking chair it allows it to rock back and forth and swivel side to side but if your are looking for a gliding motion you should buy a glider part that can also be found on this website they are a bit more expensive and honestly I rock my baby in this chair all the time and she isn’t complaining.