How to turn a chair into a glider/rocker

For my daughters nursery I knew that I wanted a glider. It needed to be stylish, comfy, and easy to clean so I was leaning towards something slip covered. However the price of one was really standing in my way of making that dream a reality. Especially because the one that I was absolutely drooling over a Pottery Barn glider. So after months of looking around for a better deal or a used one I finally settled on the Ektorp Chair from Ikea. It was affordable, comfortable, slip covered and everything except the cover was made in the good old USA (I am passionate about buying things made in America) The only problem was that it was not a glider!


So with a little research I found a company that sells chair parts for reasonable prices.

We decided to just buy a base that swivels and rocks instead of the full glider but they do sell glider parts as well. Or if you want to be really thrifty you can find a glider chair for sale on craigslist or bookcoo and just use the part. We started by taking the legs off and screwing a 1/2 thick piece of wood to the chairs bottom. We then just simply attached the glider to this piece of wood, it was one of the easiest projects I have ever made my husband do lol



The final product is a beautiful Pottery Barn look a like slip covered rocker that I am absolutely in love with! The nice thing is if I ever want to turn it back into a chair I can do so very easily!  Image

*UPDATE* I received a comment a few days ago asking the exact chair part that I purchased for the chair I am posting a link to the parts page for anyone that is curious. I bought the item #154 it is $79.95 and it fits the Ektorp oversized chair perfectly. Now I want to clarify that this part does not make the chair glide like a rocking chair it allows it to rock back and forth and swivel side to side but if your are looking for a gliding motion you should buy a glider part that can also be found on this website they are a bit more expensive and honestly I rock my baby in this chair all the time and she isn’t complaining.


DIY Tile Hot Pad/Decor Accessory /Drying Rack


I had a 12×12 sample piece of ceramic tile laying from my college days and I could not just throw it out so I found a way to put it to good use.


I cleaned off the tiles and then ran out to Micheal’s and bought a 4 pack of 12×12 cork board for $10.00.


Just simply use the 3M double sided sticky mounts that come with the cork board and attach it to one piece of cork.


Then apply the tile to the cork board and press down firmly to ensure that the stickies attach to the mess underlay. Then you can use the tile piece as part of a accessory vignette, a table center piece, a hot pad or even a drying rack!

How to paint a Baby Crib with Chalk Paint


Since I am having another baby girl it just made sense to reuse my first daughter’s baby crib for my second. However I wanted it give it a little face lift because I didn’t want their nursery’s to look exactly the same and after two years of use this crib was a little beat up. So I decided to paint the crib using Annie Sloan Chalk paint. The benefits of using chalk paint is that it is water based so there are no VOCS, no toxins, and it is completely safe for baby. On top of that the paint does not require any sanding or prepping in order to stick to the surface of the furniture piece. I was a bit skeptical about that but it really didn’t require me to do a thing. I even left all the dents and dings from where my daughter chewed on the side of the crib. The paint covered it and you wouldn’t even know they were there.


Here is what the crib originally looked like, it is a really dark espresso wood finish, I was worried that the light colored paint would not be able to cover this color but with only two coats it did.


I started out by laying a tarp out on my driveway and just simply painted the first layer of paint on with no real method. The paint dries so quickly that by the time you do one coat on one side it only takes about five minutes to dry in the sun before you are ready to flip it and do the back side. *UPDATE* I would like to point out that there are some bloggers out there that are referencing my blog and stating that laying the crib out and painting it creates hard nodes of paint on the slates. That will absolutely happen if you are putting too much paint on, when I was taught how to paint this by Annie Sloan reps they stressed the importance of using small amounts and using layering to achieve the desired finish. Other bloggers are suggesting that you put the crib together first and paint it assembled, this is fine but keep in mind that gravity is going to work against you as you paint creating runs and drips. And if your crib is a convertible crib as most are now days you will have a lot more work to do when you convert the crib to a toddler bed. Also this paint needs at least a week to oxidize and breathe before the wax is applied, Annie Sloan suggests letting it sit out for a month but I was too anxious and excited to do that. If you are painting the crib assembled it is going to create paint pile up in the creases and joints this paint will not be able to oxidize and set if it is piled up like this. Also this method can lead to hard set paint line and junked up hardware. I would not suggest painting your crib this way, it does seem “easier” but in the long run it could create more work. Also if you are taking a dark crib like mine and painting it a light color if you paint it assembled you will not be able to cover all the dark crevices and they will peek through.


I let the paint can sit out in the sun and oxidize as I worked. This thickens the paint, and makes it easier to get a really solid first coat. For the second coat I added some water to the paint to thin it out a little bit this gave the crib a more shabby chic distressed finish.


The really nice thing about this paint is that is doesn’t have to be perfect, especially if you want the furniture piece to have a little bit of charm and character.


After the entire thing was painted I let it sit out for a day to cure and then my husband  assembled the bed. We bought the Annie Sloan furniture wax that helps seal the piece but we decided not to use it at the moment because we were so pleased with how the paint finish came out. Its completely optional if you want to use the wax or not. When my daughter gets a little older and starts really using the crib I might decide to seal the crib then.


*UPDATE* I would like to add an update to this project, after much debate I decide to go ahead and use Annie Sloan Clear Wax to finish the crib. The wax seals the paint giving it a protective barrier that is necessary in order to maintain the paints appearance. It gives the furniture piece a softer feeling as well. All you have to do is use a soft cloth to apply the wax and then an old t-shirt to buff it out. I let the crib sit and cure for a day after I waxed it before I put the bedding back on, and I waxed it without taking it apart because I was really only worried about protecting the parts that you see. I hope that this helps anyone that is attempting to paint a crib with chalk paint.

Decorative Burlap Decor

Right now glass apothecary jars are extremely popular so I knew that I wanted to incorporate one into my daughter’s nursery design. Since I am going for a French Nest theme twine and burlap feel appropriate for decorative elements. I knew that I wanted to fill the jar with some sort of twine element so I decided to make some decorative burlap twine balls.


The entire process is so easy and cost effective that you could use these for all sorts of different decorative elements all over the house. I am even considering making some into Christmas ornaments.


All you need is some burlap, garden pins, twine, and some foam balls. You just simply wrap the burlap around the foam and pin it where you feel it needs it, there really is no rhyme or reason to it. Then at the end you wrap it loosely with twine!



Burlap Lamp Shade

For my daughter’s nursery I am doing a lot of DIY projects. I had an old lamp that I had bought at Target that was the perfect size for her room. The Nursery theme is a French Nest so in keeping with that theme I created a nice French themed burlap lamp shade. It was extremely cheap and easy to make and it brings some nice texture to the room.


I first began by spray painting the base of the lamp it was originally black and I spray painted it white. I theme took a dryer sheet and a wipey and cleaned the lamp shade to ensure that the glue would stick to it.


All you need is a hot glue gun, some burlap, ribbon, and if you would like to adorn the lamp shade with any ornamentation like little flowers or crystals.


I purchased this roll at Hobby Lobby while it was 50% off so I only paid five dollars for it ;0 The most important thing about applying it to the lamp shade that I found was that I had to pleat it in order for it to lay nicely. I purchased the burlap that has wire in it so that it was easier to make the pleats.


I would glue the burlap to the shade at the pleats so that it would hang nicely. Next I took a different color of burlap and I cut out some flower shapes and pinned them together just to give the lamp shade some character.


Here is the finished product, it took me about twenty minutes and I spent about $12.00